Walt "Wally" Botley

Renowned Figure Maker And Ventriloquist


If you are an owner or or previous owner of a Walt "Wally" Botley figure or novelty creation we would love to hear from you and add you to our list of "Treasured Owners."


One of the first figures ever created by Walter "Wally" Botley

 "I've only found one more collector who is lucky enough to posess one of Walt Botleys pieces (and I have really searched) . One of the characters... in fact these two characters that are also on the Ventriloquist Central Website were the first two pro figures I ever tried to purchase. In fact, I tried through three different owners to purchase them and i am eternally grateful to Dan Willenger of for enabling them to be in my care. They are my absolute favorite faces of al time.


I perform, restore, build and also collect and these two outshine everybody including my Insulls. They have like characters within their characters.  Everyone who has seen them has had the same sentiments. 


There are so few figures for us to admire and Walt Botley has so many admirers. I  try to find the history of my figures because I want it to stay with them hopefully for the ages. "  Tonya Traylor owner Hollywood Playerz, LLC


(History and pics of Figures Treasured by: Tonya Traylor)