Walt "Wally" Botley

Renowned Figure Maker And Ventriloquist

March 26th, 2017 Appearance in Celebration of World Puppetry Day

View the online catalogue and tour of the exhibit presented by the Puppetry Guild of South Florida @ Art Serv March 26th 2017

First Gallery Showing March 19th, 2016

The first U.S. showing of "Figures from the Works of Walter "Wally/Walt" Botley" will happen March 19th 2016 as part of The World Puppet Day Exhibit in Florida Location and times TBA The exhibit features rare figures, pictures and history on this historical reknowned builder.

Walt "Wally" Botley


"I remember my grandfathers workshop in the 1980s. It was full of amazing stuff. I Remember a BBC microphone ventriloquist doll he made with a face one side and face the other side. Remember lots of stuff drying and hanging from the ceiling. It amazed me how he even made the dolls eyes. I remember how passionate he was about it all. I really think that making these dolls was a great outlet. I gather he went through a horrendous time during ww2, and think maybe making these must of been of great help" Rachel Laver (Granddaughter)