Walt "Wally" Botley

Renowned Figure Maker And Ventriloquist

Figures "Treasured" by Tonya Traylor

"I always try to find and document as much of the history and the original names of all my figures and their previous owners as possible. If anyone has knowledge of any additional information Please share.

So far the only information I have is as follows:

I first saw these two on Ebay. At that time I didn't own a professional figure and thought I would only be able to afford one since (for me) it was a major purchase. At that time, I had fallen in love with UK figures and the faces of Insulls. In fact, there was a cheeky boy figure named Humphrey whose video "Humphrey Shows Off"  I had found on youtube.  Humphrey sparked my passion and I headed to the internet to do my search.

While searching I came across the pics below of these two faces:

I was immediately in awe. These faces were made similar to the Insull figures that I love but I found these characters to somehow be larger. They are both realistic yet animated and definitely mischievious.  My funds were limited so they went to others.
The first figure I was totally enamored with and has fate would have it I purchased a different figure from him on ebay. Then one day he changed his profile picture to a picture of this guy. I was floored and immediately told him if he ever considered selling to please think of me. We later became Facebook pals and I searched for as much information as I could find on Walt Botley the maker of the figures I loved. 

I'm a religious follower of (my main source of information) and I knew the second figure (above) was in their massive treasured collection and I had read their blog and watched their video: "Walt Botley Cheeky Boy Figure"

Then one day they posted pics and video of a new acquisition a  "Walt Botley Superb Figure" and that figure was the one I was so enamored with. The first figure who was previously owned by my friend.  

I am so grateful that they both are now in my possesion. They are treasured and it is my intent to preserve them for the ages.